Portrait Artists of New Mexico

John Sherrill Houser

'The artist’s life entails both risk and privilege. Paying your way with this two-sided coin buys the freedom to command your existence in a productive and freely expressive manner.  To live deeply, react profoundly and express honestly are rare qualities of our humanity. In this sense, and to this extent, we are all artists.

But for the visual artist, the form of this expression is highly personal and subjective.  It speaks through metaphor and echoes across the commonality of our experience to create something that is at once, meaningful, beautiful and memorable. 

The sublimity of art is beyond definition but it can be experienced.  The artist is the “Hound of Heaven," searching out his quarry. As a painter and sculptor my mind and hands are instruments of the chase. There is no greater satisfaction than a “successful catch,” or greater encouragement to continue “the hunt.”  This is what I                                                     do -- I could not do otherwise.' 


John's Portraits